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Mud City Nursery

Address: Mud City Road 160 (next to Rhododendron gardens)

Bus: Line East Mud, mud city a road, mud City 2 Road, Mud City, 4, 5, Mud City Road, City of Long Nursery Pro line

Tel: 021 -580725327, 13764471576 (teacher Shen)

Luchaogang Nursery

Address: Pudong New Area, Shanghai, Lane 20 Orchard Road, one hundred forty-five

Bus: Lu Chuan line, Longgang Express --- orchard to walk 370 meters, Lung Pro Line --- Lo Wan Road Chao Lok Road Station, walk 100 meters

Tel: 021 -58,521,004 (Registration starts in mid-April each year)

Mud Town Central Primary School

Address: Pudong New Area, Shanghai Nanhui County, Yu Jian Road Mud Town 2 (East of Mud town)

Bus: Chuan Lo Green, Mud City 2 Road, Mud City 3 Road, Long Pro line, Longgang Express Line to Mud City (South City Road Lo Road mud) station, walk 90 meters to the northeast that is to


Foreign Language Elementary School

Address: Harbor City Boulevard 200 Shengang

Bus: Zone 1 Road, East Zone 4, Zone 4


Mud City Middle School

Address: Pudong New Area, Shanghai City, Mud Town, #6 Mud Road (People's Government of the west side)

Contact: 15316779122 Mr. Wang (Academic Affairs Division)


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