Enraytek’s LED chips are designed for displays, automotive applications, landscaping, traffic signals, general lighting, signage and other segments.

1、MOCVD Epitaxial Wafer(multiple-quantum-well of InGaN/GaN)

  • Product Feature:
  • Blue LED wafer - dominant wavelength: 445~475nm
    Green LED wafer - dominant wavelength:500-530nm
    Low defect density
    Uniformity with luminous intensity and wavelength
    Forward voltage(VF):2.8~3.4V
    Electrostatic discharge(ESDHBM ):≥ 2KV
    Thickness of epitaxy structure:6~8μm
    Thickness of patterned sapphire substrate (PSS):430μm

LED Chip

  • Product Feature:
  • 1.Blue LED chips, including 9×15、10×16、11×28、20×45、24×24、45×45 LED chip for applications on back-lighting (TV, laptop and mobile phone) and general lighting.
    2.Green LED chips, including 9×15、10×16、11×28、20×45、24×24 chip for LED display.
    3.HV blue LED module and multiple chip blue LED module, etc.
    4.Customized LED chips according to customer’s needs
    Low forward voltage (Vf)
    Low heat generation
    High stability and reliability
    High ESD voltage

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