What type of people is Enraytek looking to hire?

Enraytek welcomes anyone who has a passion in the LED industry to apply.

How will working at Enraytek benefit my career?

Enraytek is growing fast. We are on our way to becoming a top-tiered LED chip company capable in competing with companies like Philips and GE. We are seeking brilliant minds to join our team. At Enraytek, you will work with the best, learn from the brightest, and assist in providing quality LED products and solutions to the world.

How can I participate in campus recruitment?

For more information on Campus Recruitment events, please check our website. Applicants may send their resume to: staffing@enraytek.com. Resumes are screened on a continual basis.

I¡¯ve sent Enraytek my resume. Now what?

Please be patient. Due to the large number of applicants, Enraytek personnel needs time to carefully review each application. Applicants who pass our preliminary screening will be contracted by Human Resources to schedule an interview.

Are there any limitations regarding my level of education or major?

Depending on the job position applied, different leveling of educating and majors may be required. Please refer to the job description for more detailed requirements.

How can I apply for an open position?

Please visit our website¡¯s job posting for more information on job openings. Resumes can be sent to: staffing@enraytek,.com

Where is the company located?

Enraytek is located in Lingang City, Shanghai. For more information, please visit our website¡¯s About Us section.

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